Combine nature and the latest technology to address the nutritional deficiencies and health challenges of modern life.


Our ambition is to find the best of science and nature and deliver effective supplement solutions based on clinically proven ingredients.

We aim to support informed product choices focused on positive nutrition but also on avoidance and moderation.



Our business is built on partnership literally and in practice. We combine experience from the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare institutions with many years of experience in the media and a genuine interest in nutrition and well-being. We share what we deem good for ourselves.

We work with a distributed network of great laboratory enthusiasts, nutrition experts, doctors, creators and regulatory professionals in several countries, whose common mission is to innovate the supplement market.


  • Clean and simple formula. We focus on premium active ingredients and elimination of toxic and excessive additives: fillers, colourings, preservatives and sweeteners.
    We strive for short ingredient lists for each of our products. Our portfolio is a mix of top quality mineral and synthetic ingredients and an array of natural substances: elderberry, birch sap, menthol, steviol glycosides, lemon juice concentrate, arabic gum, sunflower lecithin, vegetable glycerin.
    Our formulas are free from: chemical colourings i.e. titanium dioxide, low-end sweeteners i.e.high fructose corn sirup, chemical preservatives i.s. sodium benzoate and fillers i.e. magnesium stearate, stearic acid, cellulose.
    Our products are lactose-, gluten- GMO and cruelty-free.
  • Smaller dosage higher impact. We aim for optimum dosages: high enough to make the difference, low enough not to intoxicate the body.
    Modern spray delivery form allows superior absorption via oral mucosa compared to the one of traditional ingested supplement forms. Higer bioavailability requires lower dosages. Our dosing follows latest recommendations of nutritional experts.*
  • Zero waste. Very limited excess of our supplements remains in the body, very limited access drains down to the environment. Unabsorbed active substances neither burden the body i.e. liver or intestines nor get excreted and wasted with the sewage contributing to the contamination of surface waters.

*Bundesinstitut fuer Risiko Bewertung

Although we are minimalists, we never compromise on the quality, efficacy or purity of our products. We make sure our supplements go through a rigorous development and testing process to deliver our customers excellent products that are not only convenient and taste good, but also exclude the risk of unwanted ingredient interactions.

Another area where we do not want to limit ourselves is sharing knowledge about the ingredients of our products, about their active substances, about the latest research on them. We hope to contribute to consumers making informed and relevant decisions about their own wellbeing.